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Exercise your joy ride to Happiness

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Another one of my health secrets is wave riding and the joy that comes with it. I love exhilarating activities that create a multiple effects that when done it raises your wellness meter. Leaving you wanting more.

The health benefits of joy can be physical and well so much more. As I step onto the sand The ocean reveals negative ions that are odorless, tasteless invisible molecules that effect our body’s magnetic field in the most profound way. The ocean salinity acts like an elixir fluid as I break the surface, the sea life that exists purely as a miracle to me and how it feels like nothing else but familiar. The shape of the coast line, the ocean bottom, the surrounding landscape the elements of visibility, wind factor, temperature and atmosphere all play into a cascade of euphoria. Soon the anticipation of catching a wave sets in and dormant senses turn on. Not in alarm of danger or threat but  one of pure exhilaration and excitement .

I position myself for Catching the power of the ocean from a storm generated swell to form a perfect shaped wave. The mind body enter into a conditioned response a state of operating in the present no thoughts and a deep rooted respect for something so powerful and beautiful. Once caught endless possibilities of creativity takes over as a relationship of pure flow. This deep connection channeling nature guides me as I settle into a pinnacle of joy. As the saying goes all good things must end so does this ride.

The long paddle back is often a reflection of the experience and appreciation. At this point Its big smiles and often laughter cheering on friends on passing waves or surfer I don’t even know that are finding their joy. I think when you find joy it nourishes the self. It’s great to share and celebrate with others it helps create a healthy environment and a better energy vibration. I always keep a wetsuit and trunks with me and within reason prioritize the experience of joy. 

I learned what’s important ,how you spend your time and how you creates joy and offer that energy it’s a simple contribution.  Find what brings you joy, its simple and connected to the deepest part of you.  There are many forms and outlets use them as feel good happy fuel Start within connecting with that and knowing yourself. These are great steps towards happiness and reduction of stress in your life.           

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