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SUP Fitness Master Trainer and Ambassador 

    Conditioning SUP lifestyle expert Ramsay Mead brings you a series of workouts and lifestyle suggestions to strengthen your paddle stroke and build a water lifestyle.  Ramsay is an exercise physiologist, master of fitness sciences, and a core trainer for 20 plus years. Ramsay is certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as a registered yoga therapist and Holistic health practitioner. He brings his own unique style to the growing sport of stand up.  The sport of SUP, in Ramsay’s eyes, represents the ultimate core expression infusing posture, balance, endurance and stoke.  Ramsay’s philosophy is to train smarter, not necessarily harder and get the results you seek; live in the balance and improve the glide.


  • Exercise Physiologist
  • Yoga Therapist 
  • Qi Gong Instructor
  • Holistic health practioner 
  • Nutritional Therapist and detoxification specialist 
  • National Academy of sports Medicine CPT




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