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Single Car Lock Rack Stand Up Paddle Board Carrier

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    Locking Paddle Board SUP Car Rack Carrier

    A unique solution to roof paddle board storage. This Locking Stand Up Paddle Board Roof Rack is a groundbreaking way for you to transport your surfboards on your car - it's been nominated for International Outdoor Product of the Year in Sweden! Avoid the hassle of soft straps and tie-downs - the LockRack makes it a breeze to load a board onto your roof thanks to its unique adjustable, locking arm system.

    What is the LockRack? It's a "Hard" Roof Rack + Adjustable Arms + Lockable System

    • Hard Rack: It's an aluminum-based rack system with rubber-coated arms. No more annoying, unreliable soft strap rack systems. 
    • Adjustable Arms: The rack's arms can be adjusted to the width you need and snapped into place with spring-loaded pins. 
    • Lockable System: The rack's patented theft-prevention system ensures that no one can snatch your boards off of your roof either, giving you peace of mind should you need to leave your vehicle unattended while it's loaded up.

    What paddle board does it fit? The Locking Paddleboard Roof Rack's arms can be easily adjusted to a variety of width settings (up to the max widths listed below) and easily snapped into place with a spring-loaded pin design. Check out the video above for a demonstration!

    Locking the LockRack: The LockRack comes with weather-proof keys that lock the rack arms into place so the arms won't move unless you want them to! This keeps your boards in the rack on your car, right where you left them.

    What is the LockRack made of? The Locking Paddle Board Roof Rack is made of high-quality materials and designed for use in all weather conditions.

    • All weather components. High-grade anodized aluminum, brass and stainless steel components can handle all weather situations and won't rust.
    • Durable, stable nylon parts: Even the nylon parts are 30% glass-filled to add super strength and stability.
    • Soft rubber arms. The soft rubber arms are made from durable, UV-resister thermoplastic elastomer rubber, ensuring toughness, strength, and a gentle grip on your boards.

    Will the rack fit my car? The LockRack requires your car to have an existing set of roof "AERO" crossbars with an accessory groove on the top or aftermarket racks like Thule or Yakima crossbars. 

    * If your AERO bar does not have that then you will need to add on the adapters for $34.99 

    * If you have ROUND bars then this rack will not work. 

    What's included in your order:

    Set of 2 x locking single SUP racks

    • 4 x Rack Arms
    • 2 x Rack Bases each with a base width of 19.7"
    • Keys
    • Rack attachment sliders to attach to any factory roof racks with an accessory groove on the top or aftermarket racks like Thule or Yakima crossbars.
    • Installation instructions 
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