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Recover faster with pain free paddling

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Recover faster with pain free paddling


The best advice I can give is to master your warm-ups.

Health and fitness is a lifelong journey that keeps that quality of life strong and consistent.

As we age, the spine, joints, tissues, glands and everything becomes different.

This may not sound great and at times, well it sucks. But our approach is what keeps us in the best position for optimal longevity.


Elevate core temp / myofascial release / active stretching movements / activate the core and nervous system - then get after it!

This doesn’t have to be a long process but an intentional one.

Why is it important to warm-up?

  • Avoids and reduces injury
  • Mental preparation
  • Opens up tight areas to avoid restrictions 
  • Lets you perform at your best in the most creative way
  • Recruits more muscle fibers
  • Gives you confidence 
  • A celebration of being healthy and participating in the activity   


 I am a big fan of Heat and cold therapies and living an anti-inflammatory lifestyle diet.  Selecting the right nutraceuticals and topical ointment can be a real game changer especially when healing an effected area or stuck in a pain cycle. This protocol can cover a hybrid of issues. However this is geared towards strains, sudden or nagging long term injury and tissue toxicity. Clean the diet no chemicals, nightshades, Grains and drink a lot of water. (each may very , most need to double their intake of water and avoid anything that dehydrates you.)

The products: 

Ingestible I prefer Quicksilver Scientific Liposomal delivery products these are the only medical intra oral delivery liquid nutrition that enters through the cell of the mouth under the tongue into the blood stream within 2 minutes! That’s right a game changer. 

  • Liver sauce: a powerful herbal blend that heats the liver and dumps out toxins through the gallbladder into the intestines.
  • Ultra-binder: a combination of clay, charcoal and patent ingredients that act as a sponge to gather and soak up unnecessary toxic garbage to take from the intestine out the tail pipe. 
  • Nano emulsified Hemp oil: most all hemp products are delivered via the digestive system with a very poor bio availability.  With this product just spray under the tongue and use it as a rub or mix with tiger balm on effective area.
  • Glutathione: a powerful anti-oxidant and strengthens immune function. Stress and ageing  depletes natural levels. This form liposomal test longer in the body then an IV form. 
  • Bloc pain: A great natural Analgesic spray that contains Boswellia , peppermint oil, Glucosamine, MSM
  • Tiger balm: I have use forever, Heat those tissues before activity 


Train smarter not harder and stay fit!


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