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VESL Surfboards


The VESL Surf Shortboard is the most versatile shape enabling it to be ridden in waves from 1ft to 8ft. It paddles like a dream due to the volume and flatter rocker. The design has been focused around speed, and more speed! You’ll find yourself making sections down the line that you would never expect to make.

newport beach surfing


"The everymans small to medium size wave all arounder surfboard, for novices to advanced surfers will appreciate the unique, modern outline."



• Extra fast small to medium size wave all rounder

• Will take a steep drop even with the wide, fishy nose and the low rails plus round tail combo will hold tight in steeper, hollower waves

• Lots of volume hidden well through the foil makes this an excellent paddler that generates speed easily

• Nice, low pinched rails feel sharp and responsive

• Flat rocker through center for speed in average conditions but with a touch of nose rocker for making steeper drops in better conditions

•Modern bottom contour for all round performance surfing in a variety of conditions

VESL-SHORTBOARD-LAYOUT vesl-surfboard-newport-beach